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January 7–8th, 2016

||  This is an event for American Indian women and children. ||

For overnight, arrive Saturday January 7th at 1pm. Baker Near-Wilderness will have a orientation at 1:30pm followed by event led programming from 2:30–5pm. KWESTRONG will have hosted yoga and meditation practice before dinner.

We encourage potluck dinner for Saturday night. We’ll send out a survey soon, to see who would like to bring what for the overnight.  Examples of what to bring: coffee, water, juice, tea, continental breakfast items, like cereal and bagels and juice. Snacks like chips and fruit..

We’ll need a volunteers to cook breakfast; eggs bacon and pancakes with maple syrup. KWESTRONG will provide the makings for a buffalo chili.

Volunteers can sign up as a group and own a meal, or a snack.  email us let us know if you’d like to sign your group up.

On the day of the 5k, KWESTRONG will provide bagged lunches / snacks to go, as we will need to clear out at 1:30pm. We ask that all overnighters please pack up the cabin in the morning and load your vehicles before the start of the 5k. Any one requesting assistance in loading/unloading please let one of the KWESTRONG organizers know.

Baker Near-Wilderness Settlement
4001 County Rd 24
Maple Plain, MN 55359

Cabin, event hoodie and race bib are included. Kwestrong will be sponsoring 8 kwes from Little Earth. Please consider making a sponsorship for a one of these KWE’s or any others that may request one.


Saturday January 7, 2016

Registration: 1:00pm //  Orientation: 1:30pm

Programming Sessions:

Session One: 2:00pm–3:30pm  //  Session Two: 3:30–5:00pm 

Baker-Near Wilderness Programming


BIRDS* (max: 20; ages all) Actively discover the beauty and ecology of birds and the many strategies they use to survive. In addition to a hike with binoculars, this program may include: a stuffed owl, bird skulls, a hands-on “bird beaks” adaptation activity, and/or a lively ‘bird knowledge’ game.


SURVIVAL CHALLENGE* (max: 25; ages 8+) An active, fun and challenging way to learn about survival skills. We review such needs as shelter, water, warmth, food, a positive attitude, and signaling. Then, your plane crashes! What items are most valuable to have? Can your group build a fire? Work together and survive?


NIGHT G.P.S. (max: 60; ages 8+ with adult) Discover the fun and power of Global Positioning System (G.P.S.) technology! Through hands-on instruction learn to operate the buttons and perform basic G.P.S. functions. Then head out AT NIGHT to find hidden geocaches. Flashlights and glow tacks help you uncover the mystery hidden in the woods.

KWESTRONG Programming

2:00pm–5:00pm Ojibwe and Dakota Language Tables

5:000pm – 6:00pm Yoga with Prey Predator game for the kids

7:00pm Dinner 

8:00pm Games and Chill // Bonfire 

Sunday January 8th, 2016

9:00am–9:30am 5k start time 

12pm–1pm bagged lunches to go

1:30pm cleared + cleaned and depart 

Looking to volunteer? We need your help, sign up here: Volunteers are Awesome

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