Funding Events

How we fund events


We would like for everyone to know that all KWESTRONG events are organized and funded with the help of volunteers. All proceeds that are collected from any fundraisers, events (registration fees) all go towards the events.

Your registration fee is applied towards the triathlon in many ways…

  1. Canoe Rentals
  2. T-Shirt
  3. Bike Rentals
    (for those that do not have access to a bike)
  4. Registration Materials
    (numbers, cost of printing for registration, signs, etc.)

KWESTRONG is NOT a 501c3, any and all organizations is done with the help of our community, through volunteering, all monies collected from fundraisers will go towards our future events.

We want to make this event possible for all Native American women and girls. If you or someone you know cannot pay registration fees, let us know, our goal is to have those who wish to participate in KWESTRONG events do so regardless of their ability to pay.

If you would like to sponsor a KWESTRONG participate, we theKWESTRONG community will gladly appreciate any donations towards making it possible. Please contact us.