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Lisa SkjefteLisa Skjefte

red lake ojibwe

Lisa builds and maintains community partnerships and collaborations to bring community voice, experience, and knowledge back to her team at Children’s. One initiative Lisa has co-developed is called, The First Gift. The First Gift is a community volunteer initiative to ask American Indian community members to help create and assemble baby moccasins for American Indian babies at Children’s Minnesota (Minneapolis specifically). Lisa has inspired many women from her own perseverance and ambition to become and live a more physically aware and active lifestyle through a cultural and community lens.



Lucie Skjefte - Creative Director

Lucie Skjefte

red lake ojibwe

Creative Director. Designer.

A Minneapolis native who grew up on the south side, a mother of a wonderful 6 year boy who has completely changed her life’s perspective. Lucie graduated with her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Advertising from Minneapolis College of Art and Design, building onto her already strong design background from Minneapolis Community and Technical College, graduating with honors in Graphic Design: Print Media, and Graphic Design: Web and Interactive Media in 2014.  Lucie is also a co-founder of KWESTRONG, who has been working hard to bring the KWE brand to life utilizing her expertise design.

Check out Lucie and the work she’s doing at luvequay.com


Misty Blue

Misty Blue

White Earth

Misty is a mother first and passionate about bettering health for all women and children.  She believes that culture, community, and the act of creating lead to better health.  Currently, she is pursuing her Master of Public Health in Maternal and Child Health from the University of Minnesota.  Another role she has is as a graduate research assistant at the Extension Center for Family Development.  Her undergraduate studies were also done at the U of MN in Global Studies.  Misty stays active by doing hot yoga, running (and walking) the lakes, and weight lifting.