Indigenous Strong. Ancestor Strong.

Definition of Kwe. © 2012 Lucie Skjefte Design

The Ojibwe definition of woman from “A Concise Dictionary of Minnesota Ojibwe”

A group of Native women coming together envisioning a future of health inspired by each others strengths, and motivated by our individual goals. A few of us ladies started working out together, and other Native women were asking for tips and suggestions. Sarah organized a “Run Around the Rez” on her home, Fond du Lac Band of Anishinaabe. She gathered a group of women and we ran 6.7 miles. A month later I felt powerful after having had her immense support. I wanted to provide that for other Native women. I created a Kwe.Strong Event page for on Facebook. I outlined a “Casual” Triathlon, and sent it out to all my friends. From there we created the Kwe.Strong Mind & Body Training page.

The Training page has created a domain for Native women across Minnesota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, and Michigan to post motivational stories, trials and triumphs for the support of all. We have women participating who are Ojibwe, Dakota, Lakota, Hochunk, Menonmiee and many more.


We canoe together once a week as part of Kwe.Strong. This has been one of our most attended events. Women in the Twin Cities area make time once a week to come together to support, motivate, and create friendships and partnerships with each children that connects each of us to our land, our ways, and our people. Individually other. there is something about that water, that canoe, these women and their we are powerful, but together we are strong. We are Kwe.Strong

We get our strength from each other
We get our strength from our struggles
We get our strength from our people
We get our strength from our ancestors